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Portrait Pricing:

Prices range from $1,500 - $7,500.
Prices are determined based on size of painting,
number of subjects, & date required.

The prices listed above do not include supplies, travel expenses, framing,
shipping or sales tax (when applicable). Each additional figure on the
same canvas will be 20% less of the price listed above. Payment schedule -
1/3 down, 1/3 at the halfway point, & the final 1/3 due upon completion.
An Artwork Commission Agreement is signed by both the artist and client and
each keep a copy for their files.


Initially ideas are discussed and rough compositional sketches are drawn.
Next, a photo session will be scheduled. This session may be held at the
studio or a location of the client's choice. A third of the portrait price
is required at this session.

Before the painting is started, sketches & revisions will be mailed or
hand-delivered to the client for approval. Once the client has approved
and returned the study, the painting process will commence. Judith usually
requires one month to complete a single portrait. Time may vary
according to the number of figures per portrait.

For more information on portrait commissions please contact the artist at



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